Cruzando fronteras sin problemas con pasión por los caballos.  

El equipo de Servicios EquiLog es pequeño pero altamente motivado y con un verdadero ambiente familiar. Somos veteranos profesionales con experiencia en diferentes campos, todos compartiendo la misma pasión: ¡Los caballos! Y el mismo objetivo, ofrecerle a usted y a sus amigos de cuatro patas la mejor experiencia posible. Estamos comprometidos a proporcionar un servicio amable, servicial y eficiente, y estamos convencidos de que podemos superar sus expectativas mediante la mezcla de nuestras habilidades para producir resultados colectivos. ¡Conózcanos en persona!

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I was born with a passion for horses. I like to think it’s in my blood. I’ve owned several horses since I was a child. Currently I’m teaming up with Felle – a true comrade and the perfect match!

Working as a customs broker at Watson Global, I regularly had to deal with customs formalities and health certificates regarding the sales of horses outside of the EU. But shipping horses is not merely a business. Or at least: it’s not for me. The first concern should always be the horse’s welfare. So I started dreaming about growing my passion into a business that truly cares for the horses.

My story doesn’t stop with a dream. I acted upon it and made it happen, together with fantastic colleagues with the same devotion. Horses have been a common theme in my life – time-consuming, yet incredibly rewarding. Turning my passion into a career was the best move I ever made.