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Before entrusting us with your horse’s transportation, you’d likely prefer to know us a bit better. Fair enough! On this page, you’ll discover our key strengths and we introduce you to our dedicated team. Let’s get started.

Our expertise

We fly horses

Are you moving overseas, and do you want to take your pet horse with you? Are you a horse racing pro, participating in a faraway competition? Or perhaps a breeder looking to export horses globally? EquiLog Services ships your horses to every corner of the globe – safely and stress-free.

Global import and export

EquiLog Services is specialized in the worldwide import and export of horses. From family pets and competition horses to special breeds. We offer you and your four-legged friends bespoke transport arrangement services. And we manage every aspect of your journey, carefully and professionally. From road and airport transfers to ferry crossings and customs. And from pre-flight stabling and in-flight grooming to taking your horses to their final destination.

Yes, We Care

If you want to transport horses by airfreight, you need to follow complex procedures and instructions. This includes pre-export quarantine, health certification and customs formalities to name but a few. EquiLog Services has the necessary know how to get your horses to their destination safely, legally and on time. But we’re not just providing logistics services. We’re horse lovers too. Rest assured: we truly care for your horses and give them the VIP treatment they deserve.

A word from our founder

I was born with a passion for horses. I like to think it’s in my blood. I’ve owned several horses since I was a child. Currently I’m teaming up with Felle – a true comrade and the perfect match!

Working as a customs broker at Watson Global, I regularly had to deal with customs formalities and health certificates regarding the sales of horses outside of the EU. But shipping horses is not merely a business. Or at least: it’s not for me. The first concern should always be the horse’s welfare. So I started dreaming about growing my passion into a business that truly cares for the horses.

My story doesn’t stop with a dream. I acted upon it and made it happen, together with fantastic colleagues with the same devotion. Horses have been a common theme in my life – time-consuming, yet incredibly rewarding. Turning my passion into a career was the best move I ever made.

- Els Brusselaers -

Our team

EquiLog Services’ team is small but highly driven, and with a real family feel. We are seasoned professionals with expertise in different fields, all sharing the same passion – horses! – and the same goal: delivering the best possible experience to you and your four-legged friends.

We are committed to providing friendly, helpful and efficient service. And we’re convinced that we can exceed your expectations by blending our mixed skills to produce collective results.

Els Brusselaers​

Passionate horsewoman, approaching each equine client with individual care, combining vast experience with genuine concern

Vanessa Mariën

Stable management maestro and seasoned horsekeeper, ensuring each equine receives expert attention and genuine affection

Stijn Baert

Premier horse caregiver with a no-nonsense approach, skilled transporter, and the ultimate dependable cornerstone

Kim Helsen

Dedicated financial assistant, providing valuable help with exports during high-demand periods

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